Almandine Garnet • Stainless • Drop Earrings



A set of dark wine red almandine garnet drop earrings made with jewellery-grade stainless steel findings. These earrings belong to Silvi Simberg’s second drop earrings collection consisting mainly of drop earrings made with semi-precious gemstone round beads.
Almandine Garnet Stainless Drop Earrings is a set of hanging bead earrings suitable for costume and daily use for fashion-forward people.

Components of the set:

6mm & 10mm dark red Almandine Garnet semi-precious gemstone beads;
Jewelry-grade stainless steel in gold colour: hooks and findings;

Properties of one earring:

à weight: 3.1 grams
à size: 10*30 millimetres

About Almandine Garnet:

Almandine, also known as almandite, is a species of mineral belonging to the garnet group. Almandine is an iron alumina garnet, of deep red color, inclining to purple. Almandine occurs rather abundantly in the gem gravels of Sri Lanka, whence it has sometimes been called “Ceylon ruby”. When the color inclines to a violet tint, the stone is often called Syriam garnet, a name said to be taken from Syriam, an ancient town of Pegu (now part of Myanmar). [read more from wiki]

Other powers and effects:

Garnet is assigned to the planet Mars, Mercury & Pluto; to the Zodiac Signs: Scorpio, Sagittarius & Aquarius; Almandine specifically is assigned to the Leo sign; to the month of January and day of Tuesday;

In the [Eysin ACE] universe, the red Eesian Marbles grown by bacteria in the bellies of gigantic earthworms resemble Garnets outwardly. They function as batteries or conductors and power the Eesian Zerks, computers, and other weaponry.

Additional information

Weight 8.2 g
Dimensions 50 × 85 × 10 mm

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