Lake Blue Cloisonne • Stainless • Hook Earrings

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Components of the set:

8mm & 12mm Lake Blue Cloisonne semi-precious gemstone beads;
Jewelry-grade stainless steel in gold colour: hooks and findings;

Properties of one earring:

à weight: 3.37 grams
à size: 12*43 millimetres

About Lake Blue Cloisonne:

The Lake Blue Cloisonne bead is a natural stone; the striking colours of the handmade, finely polished stone beads resemble the hues of a serene lake.

Cloisonne is an ancient technique used in jewelry and decorative arts. It involves creating compartments (cloisons) on a metal surface (usually copper or brass) and then filling them with enamel. The enamel is a mixture of finely ground glass and metal oxides. The piece is fired in a kiln to fuse the enamel, creating a glossy, colourful surface.

Natural Stone Base: In the case of Lake Blue Cloisonne beads, the base material is a natural stone. Typically, this stone is a type of jasper or agate. The stone is cut into bead shapes, and the cloisonne technique is applied to the surface. The vibrant blue and other colours you see result from the enamel applied to the stone.

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Weight 9.2 g
Dimensions 39 × 10 mm

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