Vesuvianite • Stainless • Hook Earrings



Components of the set:

10mm Vesuvianite semi-precious gemstones;
Jewelry-grade stainless steel in gold colour: 6mm beads, hooks and findings;

Properties of one earring:

à weight: 3.1 grams
à size: 10*44 millimetres

About Vesuvianite:

Vesuvianite, also known as idocrase, is a green, brown, yellow, or blue silicate mineral. Vesuvianite occurs as tetragonal crystals in skarn deposits and limestones that have been subjected to contact metamorphism.[3] It was first discovered within included blocks or adjacent to lavas on Mount Vesuvius, hence its name. Attractive-looking crystals are sometimes cut as gemstones. [read more from wiki]

Additional information

Weight 6.2 g
Dimensions 50 × 85 × 10 mm

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