Chemical Composition and Formation Process

Russian Serpentine is a group of greenish, brownish, or spotted minerals, consisting primarily of magnesium silicate. The chemical formula for serpentine minerals is (Mg, Fe)₃Si₂O₅(OH)₄. Serpentine forms through the hydration and metamorphic transformation of ultramafic rocks from the Earth’s mantle, typically under conditions of low temperature and moderate pressure. This process, known as serpentinization, involves the addition of water to minerals like olivine and pyroxene, resulting in the formation of serpentine and other secondary minerals.


The name “Serpentine” is derived from the Latin word “serpens,” meaning “snake,” due to its green color and often scaly appearance that resembles snake skin. Russian Serpentine, in particular, is also known as “Noble Serpentine” or “Russian Jade” due to its high-quality, jade-like appearance.

Mythology and Legends

Russian Serpentine is a versatile and culturally significant stone, prized for its beauty and various properties. Its historical and modern uses span from protective amulets to intricate jewelry and decorative carvings, making it a beloved material in many cultures. Its connection to transformation and protection continues to make it a valued stone in metaphysical practices.

Electric Cosmology

Mining, Production and Use

Russian Serpentine has been known and used for centuries, particularly in Russia, where it was highly prized for its beauty and utility. Historically, it was mined in the Ural Mountains and other regions of Russia.
Today, Russian Serpentine is still primarily sourced from the Ural Mountains, as well as other regions in Russia. Modern mining methods involve both open-pit and underground mining techniques, utilizing advanced machinery to extract the stone more efficiently and with less environmental impact.

To produce beads, raw serpentine is first cut into manageable pieces. These pieces are then shaped into round beads through a process of grinding and polishing. The beads are drilled and given a final polish to enhance their smooth, glossy finish.

Russian Serpentine