Marbles are harvested on worm-sites: when a worm that has travelled long enough emerges on the earth, and turns into a walk-in cave-buffet. Eight colours of marbles are found, each has their own functions and purposes.

Silver – a geomatter module, programmable into various devices and structures. The most abundant marble.

White – An alloy with very fine-tunable magnetics and ionization capabilities, the seed-material for the Eesian Zerk and most simple weapons – requires blueprints to be able to turn them into Arm Rings, and back-up schemas into the Framework (connected to the Red).

Red – The Framework and the Flame – the power source and calculator of the zerk.

Blue – Generally an amplifier

Green – Matter Modulation

Yellow – a biomatter module, programmable into complex biological entities, but also poisons.

Pink – a recovery module, red light enhancer, Eesian Supermedicine

Purple – Akashik Agents