Arkion Atelbaer

Arkion (Arrhichion) Atelbaer is a protagonist of ACE 303. Arkion is a sergeant of a special operations group from EESO. Arkion has a large bounty on his head for sinking Nord ships in the Baltic Sea as the Nords kept raiding Oeselian territories.

Arkion is an honorary member of the Botanist Guild, hence has cast knowledge about herbs. Arkion loves to make and drink tea and smoke. Arkion owns a small algae tank for farming and produces spirulina pellets.

Male/269-A child of February/Osel

Appearance – Arkion has long, brown, wavy hair and occasionally grows a beard. The heavier end of the middleweight class has a large tattoo covering his upper body featuring a phoenix, a hydra, and an arsenal of hanging swords.

Guilds, Schools, and Organization Affiliations

  • EESO – Gladiator guild
  • Honorary member of the Botanist Guild
  • EESO – Tutor of Martial Arts and Eesian Magnetics
  • RESO – Exchange teacher
  • The Brotherhood – Exchange teacher
  • Sea Market Society

Zerk, Weapons & Devices

  • Framework: blank
  • Kaestus
  • The Arsenal
  • The Condenser


  • Magnetics Master
  • Martial Arts Master
  • Umbrella
  • Ya-Hoo
  • Thunderbolt Thrash
  • Levitation
  • Kaestus Venom
  • Kraken Maintenance

Notable Missions & Other Geopolitical Encounters

  • Hector UG
  • The Complete Submersion of the 23. Constellation Armada
  • 23.CA Duke is willing to pay an insane amount of money for his head and gear.
  • Cannon Siberia ACE 302
  • ACE 302 repeated encounters with The Black Sea Experiment.