Picture Jasper

Chemical Composition and Formation Process

Picture Jasper is a form of microcrystalline quartz (SiO₂) that contains patterns and color variations caused by mineral impurities. It forms in sedimentary deposits where silica-rich groundwater percolates through layers of sediment, depositing microscopic quartz crystals.

Names and Alternative Names

The name “Picture Jasper” is derived from the unique landscape-like patterns that resemble natural scenes. Alternative names include “Landscape Jasper” and “Scenic Jasper,” both reflecting its appearance.

Mythology and Legends

In Native American traditions, picture jasper is considered a powerful talisman for protection and grounding. It is believed to connect the wearer to the Earth and enhance environmental awareness. In ancient Egyptian culture, jasper was used in amulets and carvings to ward off evil spirits.

Electric Cosmology

Mining, Production and Use

Historically, jasper was mined in ancient Egypt, India, and Persia for use in jewelry, seals, and decorative items. Today, picture jasper is primarily mined in the United States (Oregon), South Africa, and Australia. The mining process involves extracting large blocks from sedimentary rock, which are then cut and polished into beads and other ornamental items.

Picture Jasper