Opalite (8mm) • Stainless • Stud Earrings



A set of stud earrings made with jewellery-grade stainless steel findings. These earrings belong to Priit Simberg’s stud earrings collection consisting mainly of semi-precious gemstone beads.
Opalite Stainless Stud Earrings is a set of semi-precious bead earrings suitable for costume and daily use for fashion-forward people.

Components of the set:

8mm opalite beads;
Jewelry-grade stainless steel earring base in silver/chrome colour;

Properties of one earring:

à weight: 1 grams
à size: 8 millimetres

About Opalite:

Opalite is a trade name for synthetic opalescent glass and various opal and moonstone simulants. When opalite glass is placed against a dark background, it appears to have a blue color. When placed against a light background, it is milky white with an orange or pink glow. Since it is glass, it may sometimes contain air bubbles, an after-effect of the forming process.

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Additional information

Weight 3.8 g

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