Eysin ACE

Eysin ACE 301 - Not Quite The Gladiator - Science Fiction ethno futu folk alien technology adventure around the baltic sea and siberia

Eysin ACE is an ethno-futu-folklore science fiction series by Silvi Simberg. Set 300 years in the future, a war looms around the Baltic Sea and Siberia. I introduce to you Eesian Alien Technology, personalities, and radical naval warfare.

Firstly, Eysin ACE 301 Not Quite the Gladiator follows Eysin in through an incidental accident in Reval joining the grandest security guild around the Baltic Sea – Oeselian EESO. Eysin learns to use the Eesian Technology, participates in games, researches, repairs, breaks and makes new friends and enemies. I wrote it to understand concepts around risk and how they tie into technology, risk management, people problems and how a society can and cannot form and persist.

That is, if the magnetic pole shift doesn’t wipe us out, I will re-release 301 in the undetermined future. I will include the 301 e-book in ACE 303—Uncharted Consequences of Borrowed Desire release as a bonus.

Secondly, Eysin 303 Uncharted Consequences of Borrowed Desire follows Eysin and Arkion through their impromptu contemplative honeymoon at the end of an Autumn Lockdown, dipping right into the heat of naval warfare on the Baltic Sea around the superstructure “Tree of Lif” while Reval is suffering a bloody revolution and the Navigator Guild is but destroyed by EESOs rival security guild “The Black Rain”.

Lastly, I’m still working on 303 and the estimated time for publishing: December 2024

This is the wiki for the universe of ACE300.